Alice Outcomes- Past and present

Alice Outcomes began life as a full service school but within a year was accepted by DEST as a POEM pilot program. The program was accepted on a year by year basis under this funding until the pilot program finished in 2006.

In 2007 the POEM pilot model was adapted into the full DEST program called Connections. Under this program Alice Outcomes was accepted to provide access to accredited education for disconnected youth until the end of 2009. Under labour government DEST joined with DEWR to become DEEWR which oversaw the Alice Outcomes program.

In 2010 the program was no longer DEEWR funded which places it in a vulnerable position in some senses but also gives us the freedom to evolve to meet community identified needs as they arise.

Our program is made possible by the excellent relationships and support we have from our partnered school in Centralian Senior Secondary College and the quality courses we access from the Northern Territory Open Education Centre. The staffing and venue provided by the NT Department of Education are also vital in allowing us to achieve the outcomes vital for our young people to move on with their lives by achieving educational outcomes and the prerequisites they need to gain employment or move on to further educational or training opportunities. 

Alice Outcomes is open from 8.15am until 3pm on all school days and can also be accessed during the school holidays by negotiation with the manager. A bus run is available to pick up students in the morning and drop them home in the afternoon. Students are also provided with food for lunches and breakfast.